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For those of you that don't know the White stripes are an american rock/blues band formed in detroit michigan, Well i say band but in fact there are only two of them, Husband and wife jack white and meg white. The duo were originally thought to be brother and sister but this was latter proven to be wrong. The duo are known for the hard hitting raw gutsy rock and blues but more about that later. Jack plays the guitar and meg plays the drums, they both sing the vocals, but mainly jack does the singing.

The first sign of success came for the duo with the release of White Blood cells. since then theY have become platinum selling artists in the UK and THE U.S.A. with songs like Seven Nation Army and Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself i'm not surprised!

This album has definitly followed suite with this exellent blend of rock.blues and strangely enough folk rock.The album took them about three weeks to record and was compiled in nashville U.S.A.

  • Track 1- 4:14Icky Thump:This is the song you will of all heard on the radio. With it's stomping beat and monster opening riff, that etches it's self into your head. This track is already a classic.Well worth a listen.
  • Track 2- 3:54You Dont know what love is:[You Just do as your Told.]this is another classic example of how it's done. Superb rock song with great lyrics and a medium tempo.
  • Track 3- 5:28300. M.P.H.Torrential Outpour Blues.I love this song think it's one of the best ones on the album.Blues with occaissonal blasts of insainity.really mellow tune for the most part he does go a bit over the top i think in the hard part of the song.
  • Track 4- 2:48Conquest:The album then goes all mexican whith this trumpet toting battle like anthem.The trumpet part could well be played on keyboard BY Jack white ,but i could be wrong.A mad tune that you don't expect is coming.
  • Track 5- 3:14Bone Broke:It's back to the rock again with this cool little. number not one of the more catchy one's but its still good.a bit too hard for my taste but i feel it could be one of those tunes that grow on you we will see.
  • Track 6- 3:05prickily Thorn, But Sweetly Worn:thats when the folk rock kicks in. Bag pipes flutes,ocarina's and fiddle's this song is even more stranger than Conquest,but makes a welcome break from the thumping drums of meg and heavily distorted guitar of jack white.
  • Track 7- 1:30St andrew [this battle is in the air]This track follows on from the previus song but is more dance like and faster than Prickly Thorn. Another mad tune from the duo i think it would make a good dance or techno remix maybe.
  • Track 8- 3:45Back to the stomping beats this is more like it a dark, moody, earie tune that shakes the foundations of yer house when on loud awesome stuff.Great story telling blues like lyrics,
  • Track 9- 3:48Rag And Bone:Anothergood rock song with bluesy lyrics, good intro and strong drumbeat."Meg well would you look at this place". Rag and bone well worthy of being on the album good tune.
  • Track 10- 4:38I'm Slowly Turning Into you:Good song like the vocals good harmonys,wicked guitar effects,some good litle solo's as well.
  • Track 11- 4:18A Martyr for my love for you:great chilled out intro with some good guitar appegias. Then kicks into a steady rock rythem.Some good singing by jack in this.
  • Track 12- 4:19 Catch Hell Blues:This is freaking awesome amazing atittude to this song. Wonderfull guitar riff and solo's.One of the ones also is this i think. good stuff.
  • Track 13- 3:00Effect And cause:The final song of the album is a bob dylan style 12 bar blues sort of tune. This is a good end to the album like many before it.
Icky thump is a superb album with some strange turns. This is everything i had come to expect from the white stripes, Jack white's time with the racontuers has done him the world of good for his guitar skills. Meg white is awesome on the drums as well as providing some nice vocal can pick the album up for around 8 pound from all good CD retailers HMV, woolworths, Asda, Virgin, are all good shops or you could try online.

If you like blusey rock in any way shape or form then this is well worth a listen. A little over the top in places but all good songs in their own right. Superb effects throughout and some outstanding riffs and rythems that will want to make you go back for more.

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