Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cannon Rock As Played by Jerry.C and FunTwo.

There are many wonderfull things in the world but just when you think you have seen it all technology comes and smacks you in the face. Im talking about the marvel that is you-tube.
Many hours I have spent watching the varius musical talent on there and not to mention all the crazy funny and informative vids.

As im sure some of you will be aware of the you-tube heroes such as the electric guitar superstar nick named funtwo. He is like many guitarists and musicians on you-tube a legend. He plays the rock song called Cannon Rock. The song is a modern day remix of the classic Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D. It was a man named Jerry.C who turned Johann Pachelbels Canon in D into that rock song and he deserves the credit for the remake. Jerry.C can also be found on you-tube just click on his name to see the original. But it doesen't stop there my friends hundreds and thousands of people world wide have been playing and uploading it themselves inspired by the phenomenon that is Cannon Rock.

Funtwo alone has 58 million views and is one of you-tubes highest viewed videos so thanks to both FunTwo and Jerry.C the world has a secret number 1.

There are so many more talented artists out there on you-tube some such as Freddy Stevenson, Orto pilot, justin sandercore. the list is endless i hope to go into more details about these stars in the near future but for now i just wanted to mention the wonder that is Cannon Rock!

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