Monday, 30 March 2009


Hi guys welcome to guitardude blog this is my new blog dedicated to, yes you guest it guitarists. Not just guitars though i will be bringing you news veiws, pics, vids, free lessons and opinions on everything musical.

I would love to hear from other musicians around the globe and learn as much as i can. I myself have played the guitar just over 3 years now and i love it! I play in a rock band with 2 of my mates we are still a new band and none of us are what i would consider to be pro's but what the hell it's a ball nontheless. My bands name is The Sylvesters and we salute those about to rock!

I love Jimi Hendrix he is a guitar god and the main insperation for my love of this hobby. Jimi is not the only guitarist i like though some others include Eric Clapton, Jimi Page, Eric Johnson, Jack White, Funtwo lol, i will go into detail about these legends in the near future but for now rock -on- good people.

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